Buying Guide: Best Golf Ball for a Slice

best golf ball for slice

A slice curves off from the dominant hand of the player. So a ball that curves to the right for a right-handed player. “Curves” is the main word here. A ball that just goes directly right is referred to as a push, and it can occur for a variety of reasons.

The kind of golf ball that you choose can have an impact on the ball’s trajectory, flight, and spin. Golf balls are produced with different players and specs in mind, ranging from Tour professionals to juniors and seniors.

Before we get to the list of the best golf balls for a slice, remember that no golf ball can completely fix a slice. This can only be accomplished by correcting some of your swing patterns and habits.

Best Gold Balls for a Slice

1. Nitro NMD12OBXC Maximum Distance Golf Ball

If you’re a regular slicer looking for a low-cost golf ball that can fly straight, the Nitro NMD12OBXC Maximum Distance is an ideal choice.

These small balls have little sidespin and are priced less than a dollar for each. That makes it a great option if you need to reduce the slice off the tee and are on a tight budget.

This ball’s dimple pattern is highly efficient. This implies it can have less drag and a long trajectory. The Nitro has a very sensitive 2-piece titanium that provides lots of distance with the longer clubs.

Their affordable cost, low spin, and level of durability make them a favorite choice for golfers with a slice.

The ball’s flight will vary based on the density of the air, which can fluctuate with cold weather or rain. It’s worth noting that these golf balls can perform well in any condition.

They’re simply the best golf balls on the market. Their affordable cost, low spin, and level of durability make them a favorite choice for golfers with a slice.


  • Item Weight: 0.021 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: Ž5.31 x 3.7 x 3.35 inches
  • Manufacturer: Nitro Golf LLC
  • Part Number: NMD12OBXC
  • Color: ŽOrange
  • Size: One Size


  • High visibility balls
  • Approved ball for tournaments
  • Affordable
  • Great value for money


  • Not a perfect choice for low handicapped golfers

2. TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

TaylorMade took a lot of inspiration for the TP5 balls for golf from the Tour Preferred golf balls. Considering their resemblance, there are several changes that prove TaylorMade did improve the TP5.

The Tour Preferred golf balls have a four-piece construction that comprises a unique cover and three-layer core.

The Tour Preferred Golf Ball’s three-layer core is essential since it is responsible for the ball’s exceptionally comfortable feel and great distance.

A similar three-layer construction appears on the TP5 golf balls to highlight how effectively the Tour Preferred three-layer technology works.


  • Sport Type: Golf
  • Color: White
  • Material: Urethane
  • Department: Ž Men’s
  • Manufacturer: Ž TaylorMade


  • Provides low spin for greater distance
  • Special cover to maintain speed
  • Affordable
  • Designed for professional golfers and low-handicap


  • Some users won’t like the harder ball

3. Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball

This Wilson Ultra 500 straight golf ball is designed to provide both direction and distance. Its Smart-Core technology is designed to accurately depict the speed of a player’s swing.

This is accomplished by decreasing the degree of spin created while striking a ball over great distances. You can have greater control and spin over the strokes on the green.

The ball is made up of two cores. The ball’s exterior is composed of ionomer. There are 432 dimples on it. It has an 85 compression rate. It’s a material that is well-known for its longevity even in severe conditions.

On both the fairway and the tee, there will be counter-responses. The ball responds to the iron by speeding off the tee. This is provided by the inner core. The ball is smoother in contact with the green.


  • Product Dimensions: Ž9 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches
  • Sport Type: Golf
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds
  • Item model number: WGWR58200
  • Department:Ž Men’s


  • Amazingly low price
  • Pack contains 24 balls
  • Straighter strokes off the tee, with less slicing
  • Get extra distance out of the shots
  • Performs well on the green
  • Extremely sensitive inner core


  • Some golfers think these are too hard

4. Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls

Maxfli is a well-known brand, however, it’s not always of greater quality. Despite the fact that these balls are not used by tour players, this ball is built for a straighter trajectory.

According to Maxfli, straightFli golf balls are their smoothest golf ball, promoting a more precise ball trajectory.

They verified it through lab and robotic testing, which proved that the golf ball flies 20 percent straighter than other golf balls made by the firm.

They also created a unique dimple design named “Find the Fairway”. They used a combination of 374 dimples packed and stacked into diverse patterns for less lift, resulting in less slice and spin.

The ball also has the unique, slice-preventing core for a perfect balance of accuracy and distance.


  • Sport Type: Golf
  • Material: Ionomer
  • Package Dimensions: Ž7.7 x 5.4 x 1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.39 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Maxfli


  • Low compression balls
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Ideal for mid to low swing speed
  • Affordable golf ball


  • Might not be too comfortable to play with

5. MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed

The MG Golf Ball is designed for senior golfers who have slower swing speeds. The MG Golf Balls are an ideal choice for increasing distance and control on the fairway. 

The MG Senior flies longer and higher, with a warmer sensation off the sound and a head that you might not be used to experiencing. You may also expect your clubs to last longer!


  • Brand: MG Golf
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Feel: Soft
  • Material: Brand New
  • Compression: Low
  • Color: White


  • Exclusive design
  • Great sound and feel
  • Soft and enjoyable
  • Solid putts
  • Surprising distance


  • Quite expensive

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Golf Balls for a Slice

The golf ball is among the most important parts of golfing. A golfer’s ability and performance are largely determined by the golf balls they use.

Golfers understand that solid skills are required to play effectively. They understand that they can play properly if they have the correct equipment.

Golf balls are made up of various elements that affect how they function during a game of golf. Every golf ball has its own playing class due to the number of layers, range of contractions, and material features.

The ideal golf balls are made to provide a soft feel, outstanding greenside grip, to increase swing speed, and to enable the ball to go great distances.


The core has a considerable impact on the strength of a golf ball, initial speed, spin rate, center, and compression. The compression rating of a ball affects how the ball compresses against the clubface.

A compression value of more than 100 is effective for high golfers who can fly more than 150 feet up in the air. Weak golfers might select a ball with a compression value of less than 90 feet.


It’s straightforward. Golf balls that would provide greater distance are designed for low swing golfers. Having said that, it’s almost always advisable to use soft, light golf balls.

All of the golf balls we’ve discussed will provide distance, some more than others. Core compression and spin control are two factors that influence distance.


Golf balls are classified into two types: Urethane and saline.

Saline is a resin that is more durable and harder than urethane. It will not create a lot of backspin, but that could be a problem for players with shorthands.

Urethane is a soft material that often delivers more spin and better control. Professional players usually choose urethane because of its shot size options.


The golf ball is coated in small diapers known as dimples, which are made to minimize ball and drag trajectory. This might appear basic, but they are important “ a soft golf ball will only go half the way with dimples.

The types of dimple differ based on the brand, the sort of ball that you play, and the overall number of dimples, shape, size, and depth.

Core Compression and Spin

Spin is the opponent when it comes to lower-range shots. It makes good sense because you want the ball to go in the direction and distance you choose. The distance will be determined by the swing force and the design of the golf ball.

The golf balls should have low compression cores because they improve speed and distance due to the quick energy transmission 

Final Thoughts

Since many users used to believe that golf balls had no impact on the performance, we know that a lot of factors “ even golf balls “ have an influence on the game.

Golf balls are the first and most important part of the game. Some players are concerned that technological developments may make a few of the game’s most historic courses outdated. All we can say is that it hasn’t happened yet. 

Whether the ball is filled with rubber, liquid, or feathers, golf is still a game of technique and accuracy, not just distance. Golf balls that fly longer may not usually fly straighter.

So we hope that our list of best golf balls for a slice will help you find the right one!

If you want our opinion, the TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball is our top pick!  It’s the most pricey golf ball on the list, but it also features the lowest spin, longest distance, and a four-piece compression core with a special cover.

Every brand claims that their golf balls are the softest, spin the best, or fly the furthest. The decision is still based on what you want to achieve with the golf and at what budget. 

So, choose wisely

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