Top Five Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

best golf shoes for wide feet

When playing golf, the first most important part to remember is to wear the proper shoes. It will be difficult for you to play successfully and can negatively impact your form if your shoes don’t feel right.

Wearing the proper golf shoes may be the difference between a wonderful day on the golf and a frustrating, disappointing one.

You should always try on several golf shoes before purchasing in order to select one that matches your anatomy perfectly.

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Unsuitable footwear can cause discomfort, pain, or irritation. The ideal golf shoe will give you enough room around the toes while also providing stability and comfort. That’s why it’s important to choose a pair that fits properly!

We have listed some of the best golf shoe options for wide feet. If you have wide feet, you should give them a try! 

1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas is a global brand that promotes excellence in all aspects of sports. Their goal was always as basic as it was fantastic: providing the finest equipment available to every player.

It all started in 1920, as Adi Dassler constructed his first sneakers out of the little materials left over from the First World War.

Adidas’ range of products currently includes soccer, training, basketball, and fitness equipment, as well as trail, adventure, and golf equipment.

These Adidas men’s tech response golf shoes provide a lighter EVA footbed with a low-profile design to bring the foot low to the ground for support and comfort on the course. The breathable top makes the feet comfy in pressure. It can grip the fairways and greens with comfort.


  • Product Dimensions : Ž 10 x 5.25 x 16.5 inches;
  • Item Weight: 11.04 Ounces
  • Item model number: Ž Tech Response 4.0
  • Department: Ž Men’s
  • Manufacturer: Ž Adidas Golf


  • Great-looking shoe
  • Offers superior comfort, traction, and support
  • Provides comfort and great performance
  • Designed with durable and lightweight materials
  • Perfect mix of style, fit, and all-around performance


  • Can be a bit narrow, so make sure you get the proper fit

2. Skechers Go Golf Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Go Golf Men’s Torque waterproof shoes are becoming extremely popular due to their comfortable, impressive, and wide range of options.

The GOGA MAX cushion provides improved greater comfort, while the molded grip bottom layer and removable soft spikes provide enough traction. When the weather turns bad, the Skechers H2GO protection delivers the waterproof coverage you need.

You’ll feel the softness under the foot, around the ankle, and even in the hands when you knot the silk-like laces. 

The outsole provides the ideal walking comfort, balance of stability, and superb traction. The midsole rebound gives you a true spring in each step all the way.


  • Product Dimensions: Ž16.5 x 5.25 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 8 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: ŽSkechers
  • Item model number: Ž54541
  • Department: ŽMen’s


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Replaceable soft spikes for greater grip
  • Waterproof
  • Fits very well
  • Comfortable


  • Some users complain about the thin upper layer

3. ECCO Men’s S-Three Gore-tex Golf Shoe

If you’re searching for golf shoes that can help you improve your game, ECCO Golf shoes are among the top options available today!

They feature great design, workmanship, and grip “ all of which combine into a fantastic shoe. The soles of ECCO Golf Shoes are one of its outstanding features. Although they do not provide as much traction as spiked shoes, they are still super comfortable.

The materials used in ECCO Golf Shoes are of the highest quality. Their design allows you to wear them on the course as well as in the club. They are elegant and comfy, making them ideal for golfers with wider feet looking for a pair of shoes.

ECCO Men’s S-Three Gore-tex golf shoes are featured in a variety of colors and styles. They are available in a variety of widths and sizes to suit every foot type. Despite the lack of spikes, the soles give adequate grip on the course’s hard terrain.


  • Product Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Item Weight: ‹2.35 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:Ž Eco
  • Item model number:Ž 0290401379
  • Department:Ž Men’s


  • Perfect balance of stability and cushioning
  • Look great and super comfy
  • No break-in period
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

4. FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals Golf Shoes

FootJoy produces men’s golf shoes in a range of styles and sizes. Choose from spikeless, spiked, and casual golf shoes, or design your own. Regardless of whatever you select, you’ll discover comfort and great performance.

The Flex shoes are ideal for walking the game, and their fashionable, low-profile design makes them suitable to wear once you’ve exited the 18th green.

The soft midsole is without a doubt the nicest characteristic of these shoes. FootJoy has been a leading golf shoe manufacturer since their shoes offer great support for the feet.

The comfortable EVA midsole cushioning keeps the foot supported, allowing you to stay focused while swinging the favorite club.


  • Product Dimensions: Ž10 x 5.25 x 16.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: ŽFootJoy
  • Item model number: Ž45330 M070
  • Department: ŽMen’s


  • Lace closure type
  • Cushioned sole
  • Greater comfort level
  • Outsole rubber provides a superior level of grip
  • Durable, breathable, and highly comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Quite expensive

5. New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 Golf Shoe

The Breeze has a sneaker’s heart and a golf shoe’s brains. Golfers immediately notice all of the unique features, such as the breathable top, grippy soles, and comfort. These shoes provide something new and exciting to the course.

These New Balance Men’s Breeze golf shoes are ideal for golfers who want a golf shoe that is both comfortable and breathable.

The importance of variously shaped lugs on different portions of the sole provide a focused grip for best ground control.

It’s a good option if you need a shoe with a spikeless structure and a stiff outsole that provides for a spike-like grip on various ground conditions.


  • Package Dimensions: Ž13.89 x 9.21 x 5.24 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.74 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: ŽNew Balance
  • Item model number:Ž CG601NV-13 D
  • Department: ŽMen’s


  • Comfortable but out-of-the-box
  • Excellent padding
  • Amazing grip
  • Green-friendly
  • Provides supreme support balance
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight


  • Some users complain about pressure on the tops of the foot

Things To Consider Before Buying Golf Shoes


When it comes to golf shoes, durability is quite important. Durability must be considered because a complete game often entails walking 5 miles.

This is particularly true if you already have wide feet: the width of the foot puts a greater strain on shoe structure and materials, causing them to wear out faster than shoes designed for regular-sized or narrow feet.


Although not all golf shoes are water-resistant, players should consider if purchasing shoes without this coverage is worthwhile in the long term. 

The water resistance will only last one or two years, but having that barrier to keep water out and keep your socks dry is a great benefit when you start the game.

Waterproofing is achieved by spraying an even coating of a chemical that works to prevent moisture and keeps the insole dry. 

Waterproof shoes might not be as important in dry and hot climates as they are in other locations, but they hardly add much of a price difference to the footwear.

Spiked vs Spikeless

Each kind of sole has its own set of benefits. If you want increased power, you should try spiked shoes. The wide spike provides a way for more connection points into the grass, offering to help stabilize the foot during the twists and turns of the golf swing.

Spikeless golf shoes give flexibility and comfort for golfers who want to stroll the course and aren’t fully focused on swinging their driver from their heels.

Golf shoes without spikes are designed to give comfort without the stiffness of the traditional spiked footwear.

With Laces or Without Laces

Laces provide a precise fit for golfers who enjoy a tight shoe. Some golfers like a snug fit around the top and sides of their feet, and laces gives that. 

Laces are essential for classic golf shoes and complete the aesthetic generally associated with a classic design.

No-lace shoes can either have a slip-on style or have semi-adjustable laces that can be tightened with a disk. The disc enables the wearer to adjust the laces with a short turn, giving golfers the fit they want from their footwear.


When picking the materials of the golf shoe, examine it from the standpoint of flexibility. You can also ensure longevity by opting for a shoe that offers waterproof protection.

The midsole is where flexibility truly shows. The foot flexes the greatest at this region of the shoe, and if the shoe pushes back or opposes the stride, discomfort might occur.

Although regular golf shoes that are made of leather have a harder outer layer and a lengthier break-in duration, shoes made of synthetic materials give the optimum balance of support and flexibility.


All golfers want a footbed that provides cushion and comfort while decreasing irritation to prevent blisters on the skin.

The footbed is usually what you notice first, and the first feeling of the shoes is important. The footbed impacts the player’s comfort or confidence as well as the overall performance of the footwear.

When we look at the insole, we judge how fast it adapts to the foot and if it delivers a comfortable experience when walking the course or riding in the cart.


The outsole includes the point of contact between the shoe and the ground, as well as the outer layer that surrounds the front of the foot. When examining the shoe’s sole, keep in mind how the bottom adheres to the turf for optimal stability.

We rate the upper surface of the shoes based on comfort, flexibility, and how effectively the golfer’s foot interacts with the shoe as they move around the game. For keeping the foot dry, the outsole must be breathable.

Final Thoughts

Although all of the shoes discussed above are our favorite, our top recommendation for the best golf shoes for wide feet is the Adidas men’s tech response golf shoe.

These shoes are perfect for the golfer who enjoys a spiked sole but prefers the feel of a shoe without a spike when walking the golf course.

We hope this guide will help you find the best golf shoes for your wide feet!

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