How to Get Backspin on a Golf Ball: 5 Easy Steps

How to Get Backspin on a Golf Ball

The skill required to backspin a golf ball becomes even more difficult when the pin is right behind a sand trap or close to the front of the green. Although quite a number of golf shots turn heads, using the backspin to ground the ball on the green before backing it up has become an all-time favorite for golfers. 

Most golf professionals make use of the backspin to move the ball over an obstacle before spinning it back towards the hole, which looks super cool. 

If you want to learn this cool trick and make your ball back up just like the professionals, keep reading to learn easy tips on how to get backspin on a golf ball!

How to Get Backspin on a Golf Ball

There are five important steps to get your golf ball spinning backward. The steps are outlined below.

Step #1: Map Your Shot

Projecting how a golf technique pans out is equally as important as learning and practicing that technique. 

Analyze the green and the ball, envision what you want the ball to do before the backspin. Once you do this, you can then follow the other steps and create a perfect backspin. 

Step #2: Find the Correct Ball Position and Stance

The first step is knowing where and how to correctly place the ball for backspin. Regular shots require you to put the ball in the center of the stance but, to create a backspin, there needs to be a few changes. 

These changes include:

  • Place the ball closer to the back foot
  • Hitting the ball into the wind (will provide additional help)

You know your stance is correct when you can see the end of the club on the opposite side of the middle of the back foot thigh. 

Step #3: Set Your Angle

Get your angle right. For this technique, a steep attack angle is highly essential. Pay attention to your backswing and make sure it comes down from a steeper angle. 

A steep angle of attack allows you to hit the golf ball first, compressing the ball into the turf. It’s important that you maintain a high swing throughout the swing. The steeper the angle, the more spin you can coax out of the ball!

Step #4: Avoid Hitting the Turf First

Every time you hit the ball, you also inevitably hit the turf. The secret to a perfect backspin shot is to hit the ball first before the turf. 

Hitting the ball first gives you a higher spin rate and more control. Hitting the turf first makes you lose friction and impact on the ball and this results in a lower spin rate and backspin.

Step #5: Hit Low on the Clubface

This step requires a lot of practice if you want to get it correct. Hit the ball low on the clubface. This will help to generate more friction which you need for the backspin. Using a driver is helpful here as it hits low on the clubface.

Also, maintain a square clubface. If your clubface is open or closed, you’re going to put side spin on the ball. A golf ball spinning sideways cannot backspin!

Extra Tips to Help You Achieve a Clean Backspin Shot

Put Some Speed In Your Swing

It’s common for amateur golfers to decelerate their swing speed, but this is wrong. You need to hit the ball with a high swing speed in order to put a backspin on the ball. Impacting the ball with a faster swing speed provides more backspin rate when the ball lands on the green.

The Golf Ball Impacts the Amount of Spin

The type of golf ball you have will also determine how much backspin you get on the putting green. A multi-layered golf ball has a smaller core and thinner cover which increases spin on the green.

A two-piece golf ball has a larger core and is harder which minimizes spin and movement but maximizes distance. A softer ball generally has more control and spins more on the green. They are also preferred by professionals for backspin.

Of course, having a clean and dry ball is also important when it comes to getting a backspin.

Keep Your Club Grooves Clean

Clean golf clubs with clean grooves have a much higher spin rate and considerably more spin than a dirty club that has debris in the grooves. Having dirt and grass between the golf club head and ball means less control and no backspin. 

This is why professionals and their caddies are always cleaning their clubface and golf ball.

Higher Lofted Clubs are Easier to Spin

Hitting a wedge with a spin is easier than hitting a 5 iron with a spin. This is because a higher trajectory equals a better chance of landing the ball on the putting green and having it spin backward.

Lower lofted iron travels farther in the air and with a lower ball flight when compared to a wedge shot. A 5 iron clubface will generate less spin and less backspin than the wedge.

Use a Strong Grip

Make sure to maintain a strong grip throughout the entire shot. A weak grip allows a more open clubface at impact. This decreases the amount of spin on the ball. A higher or maximum spin rate on a golf ball equals more spin on the ball.

Compress the Golf Ball Into the Turf and Take a Divot

When hitting the ball with a backspin, you should hit the ball first, letting it compress into the ground, and then take a divot. Most amateur golfers commonly pick the ball clean from the golf turf. This makes getting a backspin difficult since they usually end up scooping the ball instead of compressing it.


It’s easy to learn how to get backspin on a golf ball, even as an amateur golfer, especially if you follow the steps and tips outlined above.

Once you understand how the backspin is created and you’ve prepared the right playing conditions, all you need to do is test out your new knowledge and practice swings!

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