The Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds in 2022

best golf ball for slow swing speed

For those with slower swing speeds, you’d be amazed at how the right ball can get you faster ball speeds, better spin rates, and greenside control, ultimately upping your golf game. Better yet, you don’t have to dish out premium golf balls to get better results. The secret is in picking the right ball, and you have affordable options. 

Here is our list of best golf balls for slow swing speed players in 2022. 

Our List of the Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing in 2022

1. TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls

  • Quantity: 12/24/36 pack
  • Material: Iothane cover
  • Construction: Two-piece, high react core
  • Colors: White

This ball was built with moderate speed swingers in mind. Its Speedmantle core formulation was designed for high speed while also maintaining control and minimizing the chances of errors. It’s not necessarily the most ideal for all slower swingers, but if you are actively working on increasing your rating, this ball will add some challenge to your practice and get you some extra ball speed. 

It does have a higher compression rating of 82, which will help you achieve distance as well but could make it a challenging ball for those who are happy with slow swing speed golfers. 

If you’re after a nice relaxing game of golf and you’re just looking to aid your slower swing speed, this might not be the right fit.

2. TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Balls

  • Quantity: 15/24 pack
  • Material: Surlyn cover
  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Colors: White

The Noodle Long & Soft golf ball, on the whole, isn’t good for players with a fast swing, yet it’s excellent for slow swingers. It has an impressive compression rating of 34, making them the softest ball on our list.

Not only does this make it one of the softest balls, but it’s also ideal for those slower swing speed players who need a bit of support in getting a good launch and spin rate to get a straighter shot. It feels great off of the tee without sacrificing any distance and control.

Where you’re going to notice the difference is in the greens – the short game spin control isn’t the same as the long game. But for someone whose goal is to get their ball the distance and in the right direction, it’s a great option.

3. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

  • Quantity: 12 pack
  • Material: Ionomer cover
  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Colors: white, green, pink, yellow, orange

Another good model for slower swing speed golfers, this ball uses its compression rating of 50 to appeal to beginner and intermediate players. It does a decent job of getting your ball the distance and controlling the spin along the way. 

It comes at a very affordable price so while it isn’t a premium ball and it’s not the greatest in durability, it’s also not a ball you’re going to worry about losing while you practice for a higher mile per hour swing speed.

4. Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track Golf Balls 12B PK

  • Quantity: 12 pack
  • Material: Rubber cover
  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Colors: White, yellow

All golfers know Callaway and appreciate what it has to offer. This ball is no exception as it provides an ideal experience for slow and medium swing speed players. 

For the average golfer, you can expect to get extra yards off the tee and stable ball flight, even on a windy day. You’ll also appreciate its soft feel and the control it gives. 

It’s a good-looking ball, clearly on the higher end, and it will stand up to some good hits, so you’re going to get a good life span out of it. If you’re a line putter, it also has an alignment aid printed onto it. 

One con is that these balls are on the pricier side, and fall closer to the premium balls. If you’re a high hitter, you also need to be conscious of the extra distance. 

5. 2020 Trust Golf Ball Bison Soft

  • Quantity: 12/48 pack
  • Material: Urethane cover
  • Construction: Three-piece
  • Colors: white, yellow

Our only three-piece construction on the list, these softcover balls were made for those with a spin speed of 95 mph and under. Though they are a lesser-known name, they offer similar if not better distance and greenside spin and control. They are also very affordable, so those who want to get in lots of practice won’t miss losing a few (dozen perhaps). 

Despite having a name like Trust, some players may not like that these come from golf ball manufacturers in Taiwan, and instead opt for balls like Titleist which have been manufactured in the USA for 85 years. 


Picking the right ball is more than picking one from a list; you need to understand what a slow swing means for your game. Here are some frequently asked questions that people have relating to the best golf balls for slow swing speed. 

What Golf Ball Should I Play for My Swing Speed?

Since you’re reading this, we’ll assume you are a slower swinging player, a junior player, or a female player. As a ‘slow swing player,’ you’re best to go with a ball that has a compression rating of 80 or lower. An 80 compression ball is going to compress more easily when the clubface connects with it, which will get you a greater distance than you’d likely tend to have difficulty achieving. 

Though 80 is the starting point of low compression balls for slow swings, compression ratings can go down into the ’30s (see the Noodle Long & Soft above) giving you a noticeably softer feel and greater greenside control. 

If you are an average male player or long-hitting female player, you can go for a ball with a compression rating of around 90. For those who can get the ball more than 275 yards and have a fast swing speed, a compression rating of 100 is suitable. Of course, once you’re at this level you can play with whatever ball you want to, but the 100-rating may be more comfortable. 

What is a Good Swing Speed in Golf?

There is a difference between ball speed and club swing speed. 

A good swing speed depends on what standards you’re holding yourself to. Are you comparing yourself to other weekend warriors, to the pros, or to the golfers who spend many hours a week improving their game? Setting a realistic expectation for yourself is the best place to start when trying to improve your swing speed.

The numbers are different for male versus female swing rates, which is no surprise because of the physical differences that lead women to generate less power in their swing. 

The average male golfer’s swing speed is 93.4 mph, but many find it difficult to break past a 100 mph swing speed. About 2% of male golfers have a swing speed below 75 mph, and average golfers fall between 75 and 90 mph.  

Senior golfers may find that their swing speed lowers with age, which is another reason you shouldn’t put too much pressure on swing speed as it can take away from enjoying the game.  

Is Swing Speed Related to Handicap?

There is evidence suggesting that swing speed does correlate with a handicap. If you have a low handicap you’re more likely to have a higher swing speed, whereas if you have a high handicap, you’re likely to have a low swing speed.

Your stroke speed also depends on which club you’re using. If it’s a driver, you’re going to get faster swing speeds, whereas an iron will get you a lower mph. 

How Fast Do Pro Golfers Swing Irons?

It’s no surprise that professional golfers have a faster club swing speed than average ones, but just how fast depends on what club they use (and the player). 

Here are some of the averages of the pros:

  • Driver – 113 mph (PGA) / 94 mph (LPGA)
  • 5 Wood – 103 mph / 88 mph
  • 5 Iron – 94 mph / 79 mph
  • 7 iron – 90 mph / 76 mph

When you understand the average swing speed, it puts into perspective the skill of the best golf pros. Here are some of the top-ranking pros’ fastest ever:

  • Bryson DeChambeau averaged 132.25 mph in 2021
  • Cameron Champ averaged 128.01 mph in 2019
  • Tiger Woods averaged 124.63 mph in 2008, his best year was between 2007 and 2018

How Can I Increase My Club Head Swing Speed? 

If you’re looking to increase your swing speed, there are several things you can focus on:

Physical Fitness

While golf is not as physically demanding as soccer, football, or basketball, it does require physical ability and agility. Players who have higher off the club speed tend to be in better shape, have greater strength, and better range of motion than slower swing players.

A lot of the power goes into a good shot, which is generated in the core. If this is a particular area of weakness for you, and you’re committed to improving your club speed, you may want to shift your focus here when you exercise.

Unlike other sports, getting in shape for golf involves improving flexibility, range of motion, and muscle elasticity, among other functional capacities of the body. Yoga is a popular way to achieve all of these things, which is why it has become increasingly common for hockey players and golfers alike.

Club Fitting

Just like there are many golf balls available, there are also many golf clubs to choose from If you’ve ever played a sport like hockey or baseball, or if you are a skier, you’ll understand the importance of getting the right measurements and fit for your body. Going for a fitting can get you set up with the right size, helping you deliver good speed, distance, and accuracy.


Before you ever golfed for the first time, you probably saw footage of other golfers and noticed the way their body rotates as they swing. This is called rotation. It’s common for golfers to turn their upper body to 90° and rotate their hips about half of that to 45° on the upswing. 

Professional golfer Cameron champ suggests turning your hips the full 90° or as close to it as you can before you begin your downswing. Once you start the downswing, it’s important to clear or get your hips out of the way quickly and “aggressively” to create a lag that creates speed and power. Sean Foley, champs instructor describes this as Using the principles of elastic energy.

Final Thoughts 

Here is our list of the best golf balls for slow swing speed and some tips on how to improve your club speed, and hopefully, your game performance too. Remember that choosing the right golf ball for you depends on what you hope to get out of your game. 

No matter your skill level, your average miles per hour, or your level of experience, golf is meant to be fun so enjoy the process and have a great round!

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