Presidents Cup Vs Ryder Cup: What’s the Difference?

Presidents Cup Vs Ryder Cup

If you’re an ardent golfer or generally interested in golf, you may already have an idea of what this article is about. For those who are not, this article will serve as a comprehensive introduction. 

Golf is perhaps the most expensive sport in the world, and it is commonly associated with the elite. In the U.S., there are two teams “ the Ryder Cup team and the Presidents Cup team, which represent similarly named competitions. 

Aside from being the greatest golf competitors, both the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup have similarities and differences. Golf lovers are often confused by both cups and try to look out for these differences. 

In this article, we’ll have an extensive comparison between the Presidents Cup Vs Ryder Cup to highlight their respective features. 

The Ryder’s Cup

The Ryder Cup is a men’s golf tournament that takes place every two years. This biennial competition occurs between team players from European countries and the United States. The competition venue alternates between European and US courses.

The Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup is a men’s golf tournament played between the U.S. team and international players. The international team comprises players from every country except Europe. European countries do not participate in this competition. This tournament is also held every two years or in non-Ryder’s Cup years.

How Did The Competitions Get Their Names

The Ryder Cup got its name from the English businessman, Samuel Ryder, who donated the trophy. The compelling event is now administered by both the PGA of America and the Ryder Cup Europe.

As for the Presidents Cup, the name derives from the history of the tournament itself. The honorary chairman at its inception was Gerald Ford, the former U.S President, and an avid golfer. 

Subsequently, it has been graced by former presidents including Stephen Harper the Canadian Prime Minister, Thabo Mbeki, former South African President, and Australia’s prime minister John Howard. 

What’s the Difference Between Presidents Cup Vs Ryder Cup?

The major difference between both competitions is that in the Ryder Cup, the United States plays against other European teams only. On the other hand, during the Presidents Cup, the US plays against international teams from countries outside Europe. 

The Presidents Cup spans four days, whereas the Ryder Cup ends after three days.

When Did Both Competitions Start? 

The Ryder Cup was played in the United States for the first time in 1927. The first contest was between the United States and Great Britain at Worcester Country Club, Worcester, Massachusetts. 

The Presidents Cup was played for the first time in 1994. The competition took place at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club, Prince William County, Virginia, USA. 

Initially, the Ryder Cup was held in odd-numbered years, while the Presidents Cup was held in even-numbered years. Because the 2001 Ryder Cup was canceled after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and both competitions were pushed back a year, the sequence changed.

After the change. the Presidents Cup was held in odd-numbered years and the Ryder Cup in even-numbered years. This year, the sequence has reverted to the initial sequence, with the Presidents Cup ending in even-numbered years after the postponement of the 2020 Ryder Cup due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Are Both Teams Chosen?

For the Ryder Cup, a team is chosen from two different points lists. The players must earn one point for each euro earned in events held through the 12th of August of the year the Ryder Cup competition is played. They then earn another point in the sanctioned European Tour events. 

This team comprises 12 players who are chosen by different criteria. The first set is 5 top players chosen from the Ryder Cup European Points List. The second of 5 players are picked from the Ryder Cup World Points List. While the last two players are picked by each team’s respective captains.

For the Presidents Cup, the selection process is much simpler. Each team consists of 12 different players. The first 8 earn their position through their season-long points list ranking while the last four players are selected by the respective captains of each team. 

What Formats Are These Tournaments Played In?

The Ryder Cup tournament is played over three days, with a total of 28 points to fight for. If the Ryder Cup competition ends in a tie, the last team to win the competition retains the Cup. 

The Presidents Cup is typically played over four days, from Thursday to Sunday. The first golf calendar is usually as follows: Day 1 alternate shot (foursomes), Day 2 better ball (fourballs), Day 3 for fourballs and foursomes, with the final day reserved for singles. 

The Presidents Cup has a total of 30 points at stake. If the Presidents Cup ends in a tie after the singles play, then both teams get to share the Presidents Cup.

Can Europeans Play in the Presidents Cup?

Europeans cannot play in the Presidents Cup. Each member of the international team must be an eligible citizen of a participating international Presidents Cup country. This does not include the Ryder Cup countries. 

To be determined eligible for an appearance on the international team events, each player must have their birthdate filed with WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking).

Who Sponsors the Presidents Cup?

The Ryder Cup is sponsored by different bodies at different periods, the most recent being the French IT company ‘Capgemini”. Capgemini recently signed a deal agreeing as a partner with the Ryder Cup until 2027.

The Presidents Cup is supported by Rolex as a Global Partner. 

What Is the Prize Money of Both Competitions?

Participants in the Ryder Cup don’t get any prize money, but they receive some proceeds from their captains, which are paid from the Ryder Cup pool. This trend was first done by Tony Jacklin when he was captain. 

Ryder Cup captains, on the other hand, do not get paid for their duties, but they are compensated with travel expenses for responsibilities and promotional events undertaken before the event.

Participants of the Presidents Cup also get no prize money. The net proceeds generated are distributed to different charities. The charities are nominated by the players, captains, and vice-captains. The first 10 Presidents Cups combined raised more than US$32 million for different charities around the world.

Where Do The Events Happen?

The Ryder Cup is played between alternate courses in Europe and the USA. The American team has won most of this competition and earned two ties. 

The Presidents Cup on the other hand is played at multiple locations, including Australia, Canada, the USA, South Korea, and South Africa. The USA has won a total of 11 competitions from 13 matches and earned a tie. 

Do Caddies Pay Their Own Expenses?

Professional caddies are independent, but professional contractors are responsible for covering their expenses. The PGA Tour has recently started to provide caddies with a health insurance subsidy. 

How Much Do Caddies Make?

Caddies on the PGA Tour commonly receive a base salary that ranges between $1000-$2000. This payment is to cover their travel expenses. They get other commissions such as 5% of their golfer’s winnings when they finish outside the top 10 and 7% for those who make it to the top 10. Professional golf players who win a tournament see their caddies take home 10% of their winnings.

Why Can’t Both Events Be Combined?

Both competitions are handled by, coordinated, and belong to different bodies. The Ryder Cup is directed by the PGA of America and the R&A while the Presidents Cup is handled by the PGA. 

Where Is The Venue Of The 2022 Presidents Cup?

The venue of the 2022 Presidents Cup is CHARLOTTE, North Carolina. The competition is slated to be held between September 20-25 at the Quail Hollow Club. The tickets are now on sale for both golf fans and the general public. 

Where Is The Venue Of The 2023 Ryder Cup? 

The venue of the 2023 Ryder Cup is Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Rome, Italy. The competition is due to be held between September 25 – October 1st.

Final Thoughts

Neither one of the Presidents Cup Vs Ryder Cup is a bigger competition than the other. Both make for great events. The Ryder Cup Golf competition started as early as 1927, while the Presidents Cup did not quite take off until 1994. 

The Presidents Cup holds the ball for the most popular competition since the matches are alternated between international courses. The Ryder Cup, on the other hand, is more popular internationally and is therefore considered the most prestigious. 

The Ryder Cup Golf Team gets massive television coverage. The matches are made available on Sky Sports. They also get a special golf channel that is renamed “The Ryder Cup Sky Sports” for the entirety of the competition. Highlights of the game also make it to NBC and BBC.

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