The 5 Best Putters for High Handicappers: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best putters for high handicappers

When you don’t have a putter that feels right when you sing, it’s hard to feel like you’re giving it your all while you’re golfing. 

When a high handicapper doesn’t suit you and doesn’t even give a fine shot, it’s time to go shopping for another one as there is a variety of quality putters available on the market. Lucky for you, we’ve searched and reviewed the five best putters for high handicappers that will perform according to your swing and overall movement.

Reviews of the Putters for High Handicappers 

The following is the complete review of the advanced yet modern putters that will give you the stroke of your dreams!

1. Wilson Staff “ Men’s Harmonized Putter

Talking about its structure, the Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized Putter is a mallet-style traditional putter composed of stainless steel material. The putter offers slight weight to give maximum control to the player. 

Another thing to know is that it’s a thirty-five inche long club that mostly fits the majority of golfers. However, for some tall and short heightened golfers, it may become a little uncomfortable for them. Also, for the people who prefer chest putting, this harmonized putter might not suit them.

If we take a closer look at the clubhead design, it has injected polymer plastic on its face, promoting a better feel of the contact between the ball and the head. It gives more control over stroke’s intensity and accuracy.

To improve your accuracy and give better shots, the putter’s head contains straight horizontal lines to aid in alignment and straight strokes. So even a beginner and a high handicapper will get a lot of guidance through these marks.

One thing that can bother you is its sharp edges that can damage other clubs. So you might be careful while keeping it with other clubs.


  • Guidelines for accuracy
  • Affordable putter
  • The design offers maximum forgiveness
  • Good for amateur golfers as well


  • Sharp cutting edges

It’s a great putter for amateur golfers as well as high handicappers, because it’s easy and convenient to use with its modern design. 

2. S7K Standing Putter for Perfect Alignment

Called one of the most forgiving putters of all time, it’s time to discuss why this thirty-four inch blade-style putter has gained so much success in such a short time. Let’s see how the S7K Standing Putter became a favorite of golfers.

First of all, let’s talk about its standing feature. As many golfers struggle to align the putter with the ball, S7K makes things easier because of its stand-alone design. You can place it behind the ball and easily align it without holding it, and it will not even fall. This promotes the better placement of putters, aiding in pinpoint accuracy.

It is surrounded by EVA foam which is cushion-like in feel. It is not composed of rubber and is a gym mat material, so it takes time to get used to it.

The clubhead is composed of stainless steel material with a slightly heavy nature. Also, the 

dot marker on the clubhead with three straight lines behind promotes perfect alignment and aiming.


  • Available for both left and right-handed players
  • Stand-alone feature
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate alignment


  • A bit expensive

It’s one of the most forgiving blade putters that you can buy. Due to its lightweight nature and marketing for alignment, it’s hard to resist a shot.

3. Spider Golf Putter No. 3

Let’s step further into some futuristic golf putters that might get popular in the future. One of those futuristic putters could be Spider Tour Putter No. 3 in black. With a very different design from the traditional putters, it gives clever yet flowing shots within a stroke.

It’s a thirty-four inch long putter with a slant neck to promote more arc in strokes. The length is near to ideal but might bother people are aller than average. It’s a great putter for left-handed high handicappers, and there’s more control on the shots due to alloy steel material.

It’s a mallet-style putter with a pure roll insert. When you strike the golfball, the click will sound more hollow than usual. Because of its advanced design and performance, you might have issues at first when using it. But with practice, it will get a lot easier to play with it.


  • Modern design
  • Metal-alloy putter head
  • Shape compliments golf ball
  • Consistent roll


  • Needs practice to work with

It’s an advanced putter with a modern design to give more arc and flow to the golf ball. However, even as a high handicapper, you’ll need a bit of practice to use it well.

4. Odyssey Golf Ten Putter 2021

Callaway designed the Odyssey Golf Ten Putter head with additional weights in the behind to give you the best MOI. This way, all center hits will be balanced. In the front, the white-hot insert of the micro hinge is a new addition to these putters. They are firm to feel while giving the adequate sound at impact.

Coming back to tracks, this mallet-style putter has two balls that offer three lines to perfect your alignment, also known as triple track. As it gets hard to align the golf ball with the putter on the greens, odyssey makes it easy through the triple tracking. 

When it comes to the golf shaft, it’s a beautiful design in stroke lab putter ranges in the odyssey. It is made of alloy steel and is very light in weight, giving you more control over the putter head without disturbing the balance.

It’s thirty-three inch long shaft is also available in different styles. The grip is great and consistent. One thing that can disturb you is its odd design which can be distracting at times. Other than that, it’s a great budget putter out in the market.


  • Two ball putter
  • Triple tracking
  • Weights behind club head for a balanced shot
  • Microhinge hot insert for better roll


  • Distracting design

It’s a good putter to improve your ball’s alignment and have good strokes in the grass. If the design doesn’t distract you, you should go for this putter.

5. Topspin Putter Mallet 2

To make the golf ball roll well during a game, it’s vital to have a complimenting putter to do so, and what’s a better choice than Topspin Putter Mallet 2? Are you asking why? Well, in short, it is designed for better ball flow and a roll to give you better shots.

To give you the best roll ever, the front of the putter head is designed in a curved manner vertically. So when the golf ball touches the outer face, the design starts to work as gear. The central groove in the putter face and this action promotes better rolling off the ball without skidding or slipping off it. Put all of this together and you get a beautiful masterstroke.

It’s a thirty-four inch long putter with an alloy steel shaft overall weighing more than a pound. It’s a soft ferrous alloy that doesn’t feel too rigid to grip around or too soft. The grip is strong and reduces the chances of slipping surprisingly well.

This black pearl-painted mallet-style putter gives the maximum moment of inertia to the ball to spin in an aligned fashion. So even in the grassy out, it won’t disappoint you.


  • Maximum MOI
  • Hear effect outputting
  • Smooth ball rolling
  • Adequate height


  • A bit heavy

Overall, it’s a great putter for ball-spinning action. Its curved nature with central grooves gives the best contact with the ball and more control on the shot.

Buying Guide for Best Putters for High Handicappers

There are a variety of putters available for high handicappers and each of them works differently. But what are the best qualities to look for in a putter? 

Mallet vs Blade Putter: Which One is Better?

Even though there are many different shapes of putter available, two major forms are blade and mallet-style putter.

Mallet Putter

Also known as half-moon shapes, mallet putters have a big semicircular or semi-square clubface. Because of their good surface area, they tend to distribute weight more equally and better. Therefore, it improves aiming.

Due to their weight distribution, mallet putters are forgiving and roll the ball in the exact direction. So, there are minimal slips or skids when using it.

If we use its weight, mallet putters are slightly heavier than the rest. This heavyweight allows for accurate putts and minimal flaws. Because of their heavy nature, they’re ideal putters for slow greens and tempos.

Because of the big size, mallet putters are better customizable, so there is more room to personalize your putter than the rest of the designs. However, it doesn’t matter for many people.

Lastly, a mallet putter is ideal for short puts and long ones in slow greens, as it promotes stabilized stroke that goes in the aligned direction.

Blade Putter

The blade putter is more traditional as they have been present since the start of golf. As their name suggests, they have a blade-style design that is mostly straight and sharp without extra room or space.

If you are a high handicapper who prefers arc strokes in golf, getting a blade putter is a great option. Also, the blade putter is light and precise in design. Many professional golfers prefer blade putters due to their accuracy and aim.

Compared to the mallet putters, blade putters are not customizable at all as there is minimal room in the clubhead, so there is no space for personalization.

Blade putters are considerably lighter than mallet putters and more accurate in faster strokes and dense greens.

Final verdict

Even though both putters are a great choice, we prefer mallet butter due to better shot accuracy. If you like both, you can have one each and if you want the best and most amazing putt in your game, go for mallet ones.

Light and Heavy Putters

Eventually, even the weight of putters matters a lot to get a masterstroke. So light putters serve a different purpose, whereas heavy putters have a different stroke quality mentioned below.

Light putters give you more torque and ease of movement as they are easy to hold and move. So, light putters work great in long strokes as you have more contact with the ball. Coming to its cons, they are not suitable for shorter putts as they don’t give a certain weight and more control.

Now it’s time to talk about heavier putters. They give more control and weight distribution as compared to lighter ones. So, you will get a firm stroke with them. However, they work great for short putts, and they are too heavy to rotate and place a longer shot. Also, there is less feel in ball contact.

Milled and Insert Putters

Milled putters have intricate milling of the clubface to give an adequate and firm shoulder or click when the golf ball hits the clubface. At the same time, the insert putters are soft and sometimes nonmetallic-like rubber polymer, etc.

There is no drastic difference between milled and insert putter. However, the miller gives a hollow and firm click, whereas the insert putter has a softer and mellow sound. The sound nature is changed due to the selection of different materials and patterns of milling. 

Nowadays, even putters with deep and thorough milling can make soft sounds like insert putters.

Insert putters are prone to lose their quality with time. It means that if they are composed of rubber or polymer, they dry out with time and need replacement with time. Other than that, they are a pretty good choice as well.

Budget Friendly Option

Nobody wants to get broke buying one item. So to keep your savings in control, it’s vital to make a budget of what you want to spend on the putter. There are many expensive and affordable options present in our selection that you can try.


A standard putter comes in the height of thirty-three to thirty-five inches. If you are taller or shorter than that, then search for a putter that suits your height to get a masterstroke.


Make sure that your putter has an alignment design. Alignment helps to straighten out your shot while improving your stroke, so a good alignment design is a must in every putter.


What Things Should I Consider in a Putter?

The most important aspects that everyone should consider in a putter include is its design, clubhead, clubface shaft alignment markings, and weight.

Is a Good Putter Long-lasting?

Yes, a good utter can last anywhere between twenty to twenty-five years

Do You Need to Change Your Putter Inserts?

 If your putter inserts are made of polymer or rubber, they need maintenance once in a while as they tend to dry out with time.

Best Putters for High Handicappers Brands 

Even though all five brands are the best, there’s also a clear winner among them. Cutting to the chase, our best putter making brands are:


Wilson putters offer good weight distribution. Plus, their amazing design gives the perfect putting stroke that you want.


S7K has gained massive popularity for its amazing standalone design putters with perfect alignment lines and a central ball guide. As it is expensive, not everyone can afford it.

Final words

In today’s post, we reviewed the best putters for high handicappers that give a smooth and straight stroke and are easy to use. Along with that, we also discussed some vital aspects to look into a putter before buying one. 

Thanks for reading this post. We hope to see you with a new one soon.

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