The Ultimate Guide to Best Golf Bags for Pushcarts

best golf bags for push carts

The Ultimate Guide to Best Golf Bags for Pushcarts

When you own expensive clubs, it’s important to place them in a good quality bag. As the pushcart is mainly used in golf to carry clubs, you will need some of the best golf bags for push carts that don’t damage your clubs and last for long. 

So, let’s review some amazing golf cart bags that you can buy with this useful buying guide to give you a better idea of what to look for.

Reviews of the Best Golf Bags for Pushcarts

1. Izzo Ultra-Lite Push Cart Bag

Do you want a bag that looks classic while giving maximum storage space? Then one of the bags you should consider would be the Izzo Ultra-Lite push cart bag. Not only is it stylish, but it doesn’t compromise on space, durability, size, and depths as well. So let’s look further into the details.

Most golf bags wear out or their stitching gets torn off with time. But, you won’t face this problem with an Izzo golf bag as it is composed of high-quality forty-two hundred polyester material.

You won’t suffer from space issues as this bag contains fourteen padded tops with full-length dividers inside them. So not only is your clubhead the same, but it protects your shafts from abrasion and wearing off. The padding provides an extra cushion effect to aid more protection.

The 3.8 pound heavy bag also contains six access pockets working as an umbrella holder, towel clip, a rain hood, and a carry strap. It also contains a waterproof compartment of important accessories. The top handle has smart grip technology that results in the easy carrying of the bag.


  • Fourteen dividers
  • Six pockets
  •  Smart grip
  •  35″ long 14″ broad


  • Stains easily

It’s a stylish yet convenient cart bag that protects the clubs and has enough space to place your accessories inside it while playing.

2. Franklin Golf Push Cart Bag

This bag has every nook and corner full of storage, and we mean it. One of the most efficient creations of Franklin, it’s a lightweight bag with five handles that you can use to place your nag into the pushcart effortlessly. Also, the straps and handles are present to make it easier to carry around in your cart bag.

It has lots of pockets without a doubt. It comes with fifteen padded compartments and a separate outset front compartment that easily contains all of your clubs. Also, it’s easy to access the clubs through its front access. It can easily fit grips up to one and three-quarter inches.

Other than that, it also contains nine zipped pockets to store everything you need during the game. These six pockets include two long side pockets, three front pockets, two velour pockets, and a side pocket. The last one is an insulated cooler pocket that keeps your drinks at the desired temperature.

Not only that, the bag contains a rain hood, an umbrella pocket, and a towel and a D clip as well with a good holder, so it can fit a tin of things that you want without getting overloaded.


  • Lightweight
  • Amazing storage
  • Insulated Cooler pocket
  • Easy to carry


  • Tough zippers

It’s a golf cart bag with plenty of storage to keep not only your clubs but also your beverages and accessories. If you use it with care, it will last for a long time.

3. Cleveland Golf Cart Bag

A thirty-six inches long cart bag comes in a signature Cleveland design with many color options to choose from. Overall, it’s a decent-looking bag with promising durability and space with premium quality zips and stitching.

This has a width of ten inches with fourteen inch dividers. This prevents the intermingling of your clubs and gives them a separate space to be placed. Other than that, there are twelve pockets to place your accessories, including a rain hood and much more.

The entire bag is composed of polyester that retains its shine even on hard sunny days and combats in rainy ones to make it long-lasting and durable. Attached to this bag are some great waterproof zipper pockets to protect your internal items.

It also contains an insulated cooler pocket to preserve your chilled drinks for the entire game. Even though it’s a bit heavy, the seven handle grabs make it easier to load in on a pushcart. It has a width of ten inches, giving it its signature space to put clubs and accessories.


  • Spacious
  • Thirty-six inches long
  • Well balanced
  • Lightweight design


  • It can’t balance itself with a heavy load

Overall, it’s a simple yet stylish bag that is not over complicated. It contains adequate club holders and plenty of pockets to carry your possessions without getting heavy.

4. Taylor Made ST Cart Bag

It’s not only about protecting your clubs, but it’s also about keeping your accessories safe. Taylor makes sure to serve this purpose by putting waterproof suede-lined zipper pockets that are waterproof and spacious to cover your basic objects of need. It is placed on the upper side of the bag for easy access.

With fifteen pockets for your clubs, these compartments are spacious enough to hold your inch or more thick clubs effortless without getting stuffed. Also, the holders are cushioned to prevent damage and give maximum protection to your valuable clubs. The cherry on top is the oversized putter pocket to place your big putter without the need of stuffing it.

Giving the spotlight to other parts of this golf cart bag, it contains seven more pockets that are zipped. It stores all other golf accessories other than clubs. These are life accessory pockets, an umbrella holder, an accessory and velcro glove loop, a ball pocket, and the rangefinder space.

It’s a single strap golf cart bag with yarn fabric that is dyed to a blue color. Over that, it has a polymer patch for further material protection. It might feel stuffed, so it’s better not to overload it.


  • Separate putter pocket
  • Suede zippers
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • In complete dividers at bottom

Even though it’s a great golf bag for a pushcart, the incomplete dividers at the bottom may feel a bit inconvenient for some users.

5. Yovital Fourteen-Way Golf Cart Bag

In this piece, the number of providers equals the sum of compartment space, so it’s simple to say that the Yovital Fourteen-Way golf cart bag is as spacious as you can think. Firstly, the full-length 14-way dividers created extra protected space for the clubs along with a soft cushioned support.

You can easily keep this bag clean and tidy with your possessions inside it, thanks to its cover that acts as a rain hood. Along with that, the sides contain a cooler bag that keeps your beverage chilled all time long. Other than that, there is a valuables pocket to hold your keychains, phones, and other valuable items.

There are a total of fourteen pockets, out of which nine are placed in front. These include two large pockets to enclose your golf balls and other gaming items that require fast access. Along with that, the shoe compartments, rangefinder, beverage holder, towel, and gloves holding pockets are also present.

To make it long-lasting in tough conditions, four support stickers are composed of fiber systems that prevent its clashing and keep its shape intact throughout the game. There’s an integrated handle on the top that promotes an easy opening of the bag.


  • Well style compartments
  • Long side pockets
  • Outstanding cooler
  • Dense fabric


  • Weak zippers

It’s a lightweight yet spacious golf cart bag with zippered pockets and a stable make that any golfer would find easier to handle. 

Features of the Best Golf Bags for Push Carts

Several types of golf bags are present in the market, but not all of them complement a pushcart. So the bags for the pushcart are separately designed, known as the cart bags. They have many different features than the staff or standard bags.

Generally, they are lighter and a bit small in size, so they are easy to carry around early. They are more sophisticatedly designed and a bit heavy because of internal patterns, so it’s never a good option to walk with them around without a cart.

To improve retention when placed on the cart, the golf bags had a dense rubber base that prevented slipping and skidding of the bag. Also, they mostly come with a single shoulder strap as it is enough for placing it on the cart.

A good cart bag normally weighs around six to seven pounds which is lighter and petite than a staff bag but heavy in general. But its weight doesn’t bother many people as it is to be carried on a cart and not on the shoulders.

What to Look for in the Best Golf Bags for Push Carts?

Several things matter in selecting a golf bag for the pushcart. These include:

Four or Fourteen-way Golf Bag Dividers?

There are three types of golf bag dividers, four-way, six-way, and 14-way providers in a golf bag. As four-way suggests, it contains minimal space for club holding and overall space, and it is not a great option for low handicappers or professional golfers. If you prefer carrying your bag with yourself, this size bag can be a good choice for you.

For average games, a six-way divider can fulfill your tasks. It’s neither overly complicated nor too simple. It contains the ideal space to place your essential clubs and your personal belongings that you’ll need during or after the fame. It’s simple to organize because each club doesn’t have its insert, but it’s simpler to place in groups.

And lastly comes a 14-way divider. It’s a great overall choice but becomes vital when you own expensive clubs that require care. So each of your clubs has its compartment and is protected from being damaged by others. Along with that, there is maximal space to hold your large putters as well. So for a professional or high handicapped, it’s a must-have choice.

Pockets in a Golf Bag

It’s not only about holding clubs, but you also need some space to keep your gaming equipment and personal belongings. So before buying a cart bag, make sure it has good pockets that can fit all the objects of your needs and demands.

As a suggestion, a good golf cart bag should have at least seven pockets of different sizes. All of them should have a zipper as well. To protect from weather changes, they should also be waterproof. Other than that, the cooler pocket for beverages would be the cherry on top.

Ensure the cart bag has an umbrella holder, a rain cap, gloves, towel, and ball holding attachments.

Partial vs. Full-length Dividers

There’s a debate whether partial covers are better or full-length ones. Our opinion might sound partial, but for the prolonged safety and performance of the clubs, we would recommend everyone the full-length dividers.

As its name suggests, partial dividers don’t close the compartment completely till the base, and therefore, the bottom side of the golf bag has no division. Even though it might sound convenient for many people, it also results in damaging many clubs’ integrity. As for sure, it doesn’t provide complete protection.

Coming back to the full-length dividers, they completely cover the compartment from top to bottom of the golf bag. Even though sometimes the compartment feels narrow, they cushion and protect the clubs when the bag is traveling. Also, it gives the better organization of clubs than partial ones.

Even though both divisions are a good choice, we still prefer full divider because of their maximum protection when in transit. Other than that, if it doesn’t matter much to you, you can also opt for partial dividers as they give adequate protection.


Even though the gold bags for carts are heavier than normal, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy an extremely overweight bag for usage. In our recommendation, it’s better to stick in the range of anywhere between five to six pounds golf bag for push carts.


Make sure that there’s a rubber base present under the bag to prevent slipping and skidding of the bag. If there’s no rubber base, check the base and see if it’s tough and slip-resistant or not.


Can I get a regular golf bag for a push golf cart?

A regular golf bag may not last long or be irritable when placed in a pushcart. So it’s better to get a bag specially designed for the push golf cart.

What’s the difference between a staff bag and a golf cart bag?

A staff bag is larger and heavier than a golf cart bag. Also, a golf cart bag is more elegantly designed than a staff bag and readily complements pushcarts.

Are our full-length dividers in the golf bag necessary?

Even though they are not necessary, they give maximum protection to the clubs win in transit and during the game.

Best Golf Bag for Push Cart Brands

Out of these five? Our favorite brand would be these:

  • Franklin Golfs: Their bags are lightweight, easy to move, and have amazing storage capacities. There’s everything that you want in a golf cart bag. 
  • Callawayz: Their bags are lightweight while being spacious. This company makes sturdy and tear-resistant bags made of premium material. We can easily give a nine out of ten to their push cart bags.


It’s hard to find the best golf bags for push carts as there is a ton of variety available. 

However, we’ve searched and pulled out our top five picks that have adequate space not only for our clubs but for your accessories as well. Other than that, we hope this complete buying guide helps you select your best golf bag.

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