The Best Wedges for Mid Handicappers: Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

best wedges for mid handicappers

Can you improve your game as a mid handicapper? One thing that you must have in your club set is a good wedge. But don’t know which one works great? Here we are with the best wedges for mid handicappers that will surely improve your gaming levels. Read more!

Reviews of the Best Wedges for Mid Handicappers

1. Mizuno T20 Wedge Golf

A blend material wedge is available for both left and right-handed people. This wedge is intricately designed to perfection with its shiny and premium quality exterior with a signature T20 mark on the clubhead. Let’s see some of its key features mentioned below.

It’s a satin chrome wedge designed in teardrop fashion. Looking at the clubface, the innovative hydro flow technology is unique in its design. There are etched vertical micro grooves on the surface of the wedge.

These grooves help to control the spin and bounce of the golf ball under a variety of weather conditions, especially in humid and wet conditions. These lines remove moisture contact from and with the ball to maintain the spinning.

Mizuno is known for its state-of-the-art forging in Hiroshima, Japan. The wedge is made of carbon fiber material that gives it a unique look and amazing feel. It comes in different lofts and bounces, but in this edition, we are talking about the one that gives a 56° lot and ten degrees of bounce.


  • Sturdy finish
  • Teardrop design
  • Hydro groove technology
  • Adequate loft and bounce


  • Chrome blue color wears off

It’s a solid, well-performing, and high-quality wedge that gives a good bounce at a given lot and helps to attain the accuracy you want.

2. Cleveland CBX2 Golf Wedge

Cleveland Golf is known for its affordable yet premium quality clubs that people amazingly for a long time. One of their amazing creations is the CBX2 wedge that helps in better shots but is easy to handle.

At the clubhead, you will easily see the design kike of a hollow cavity having a gel back insert that helps distribute the weight throughout the wedge and helps in getting better angel and aiming. Overall, which results in more forgiveness in a stroke.

Other than that, the Rotex face technology on the clubface is composed of intricate milling and sharp and horizontal grooves that promise adequate ball spinning once hit. A short game gives a lot of ease of management to the wedge user all at once.

Now coming to the entire body, the whole wedge is built with premium quality carbon steel that is neither too heavy nor light. The clubhead is painted with a black satin finish to give it a premium and classic look. Its broad sole resists some creative strokes and restrains the user to cliché ones.

What We Like

  • Good grip
  • Amazing spin
  • Very forgiving
  • Lightweight wedge

What We Don’t Like

  • Broad sole

Overall, the sole is what makes this wedge tops everything as it gives far better results than desired.

3. Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedge

If you want a wedge that gives a soft impact feel and works great in greens, then it’s time to give Wilson staff golf wedge for men a try. They are intricately designed for better wedge shots especially in the grass for smoother strokes that improve your golfer rank.

It does not have any unusual pattern, giving a closer look at its design. It’s a standard muscle back wedge that is shaped like standard clubs. However, you’ll find some sharp angles that can be rated with other wedges. Other than that, all the curves and edges are normal and traditional.

It is made of forged aluminum with smart milling on the clubface. The mills are soft and precise and are very fine of good quality. It is sturdy in the feels and gives you better control over your shot.

Coming to its sound and bouncing quality, it gives good bounce at 54 degrees loft, especially in the greens. But when talking about the golf ball swing, it doesn’t provide as much swinging ability as expected. It is either due to smooth milling or the absence of sharp lines. But it still works great in greens.


  • Standard design
  • 54° loft
  • Regular flex
  • Works well in greens


  • Average spin

Despite its normal spinning ability, it gives a good bounce angle to the ball, and that’s why it is a good choice for mid handicappers, especially in dense grass.

4. Callaway Golf Full Toe Wedge

Just as unique as it looks, Callaway’s golf full toe wedge is amazing in performance as well. The interesting design greatly accompanies the strokes and ball spinning effortlessly. The full toe design is very smooth and doesn’t finish but is inspired by the wedge design, making a good combination that works perfectly.

As unique and precious as its head design is, the clubface is the most amazing, done, and intricate milling as one can see. The crossed pattern performed well and promoted good spin but looked very stylish when observed closely.

Other than that, there’s a lot of room for customization. That’s right! Callaway offers customization with some charges. So you can change the loft angle, embrace your initials, or even select and paint a color of your liking on the wedge. But all of this comes for a different price.

Unlike many high toe wedges that only master in spin, it gives a good c-grind. You can get your desired trajectory as it is designed with a slightly raised center of gravity than the usual high toe wedges, giving the best spin as well as trajectory at the same time.


  • Varying weight ports
  • C-grind present
  • Fine milling
  • Offset center of gravity


  • Too light to feel

It’s a lightweight, forgiving, and great wedge that offers good spinning with available C-grind. It’s hard to feel the clubhead connection with the ball when touched.

5. Titleist SM8 Chrome Wedge

As a precursor of SM7 wedges, SM8 wedges are designed more specifically to elevate spin and bounce. It is made possible by altering the center of gravity, inserting grind options while elevating the sole quality.

There are minor changes made to give more control on stroke intensity, trajectory, impact, and stability, especially in the placement of the center of gravity. The CG has been placed a bit forward towards the clubface, so five you better do of feel and impact simultaneously. It also improves your stability towards stroke, giving you more control over it.

For better spinning of golf balls on the greens, there are sharp and visible grooves milled and inspected individually. Other than that, the grooves are sharp yet impactful enough to swing the ball. There is micro-milling of micro-grooves around the major ones to further aid in spinning to create more room for ball swinging.

The milled grooves are heat preserved for everlasting durability to seal the deal. Other than that, they use a single-styled sole for every wedge.


  • Very forgiving
  • Great milling for spinning
  • The creative center of gravity
  • Customizable


  • Prone to corrosion

It’s one of the most forgiving wedges that give good loft along with good bounce. It is trusted worldwide by professionals. You also must give it a try.

How to Buy the Best Golf Wedge for Mid Handicappers

When you become a mid handicapper, you need some high-quality wedges to improve your rank. Here are the things that are available in a wedge.

Consider the Loft

Defining loft, it is the angle between the shaft and clubface. The angle plays a great role in determining the trajectory of the ball. The higher the angle, the bigger the trajectory and minimal distance. Each of these lifts plays a variable role in every stroke.

Pick a Suitable Type

Overall, there are four types of wedges, all of them different due to their variable loft and different purposes of usage mentioned below.

Pitching Wedge

The first and foremost wedge with a minimal loft range is the pitching wedge. It has a range of forty-four to forty-nine degrees. It is the wedge that can cross 125 yards of distance with a stroke. So most of the time, it’s useful for full shots and chip shots, especially in the greens. It gets under the ball to give it a higher trajectory to travel a good distance.

Sand Wedge

Sand wedges generally have a loft range between fifty-four to fifty-eight degrees. As it produces a more trajectory, it covers less distance than the gap wedge. In one stroke, the average distance covered by a gap wedge is somewhere about eighty to a hundred yards. 

This wedge beautifully compliments the ball in long grass and takes it out from the sand, as its name says.

Gap Wedge

As its name says, it’s a wedge that fills the gap between the sand and the pitching wedge. You guessed it right. It has an angle range between fifty to fifty-four degrees and is lighter swinging than a pitching wedge. 

If you don’t want a ton of swing in the grass and prefer normal swing, then this type of wedge is a must-have for you. It works amazingly for lingering chip strokes without too much of a swing in greens.

Lob Wedge

Last but not least, the lob wedge. The wedge family with a loft range lying between 59 to 65 degrees. This lob wedge produces the highest trajectory and covers minimal distance. 

It works great if you want a soft landing on a stroke that doesn’t have excessive rolling. It’s a great choice for the flop and bunker shots made with amazing hit chips, especially in the greens.

Most of the time, you want all four types of wedges. So before buying one or all four, make sure there’s a four degrees difference in the loft in each wedge so that you can get great accuracy in your shots.

Understand the Importance of Bounce

It’s the angle between the club sole and the base where the ball is placed. The club’s bounce determines how much a club will dig the surface once it strikes. The angle is between zero to ten degrees. Bounce angle helps determine which types of wedge you want to use on a certain surface.

The higher the bounce, the less digging will occur. So the high degrees of bounce are great for long grass and soft sands as they don’t require too much digging of the surface. In contrast, putty surfaces and short grass may require low bounce wedges to give a proper stroke.

An angle from zero to six degrees is considered low bouncing wedges. A medium wedge’s bouncing angle kids between seven to nine degrees. And above all, the highest bouncing wedge will have an angle of ten or more degrees from the ground base.

Find Sharper Clubface Grooves

Grooves are present on a clubface in a treaded pattern that promotes the ball’s swing. The sharper the grooves, the better the swing. However, the milling design also matters a lot. For top-spinning, it’s vital to have some sharp as well as dense grooves along with some finer inter-milled grooves that are thinner, shallow, but most effective.

Some grooves are milled in the clubface or are developed through laser cutting technology, while others are etched, representing the vintage yet traditional etching method.

Traditional ones are more prone to corrosion and rust away easily, whereas sharp laser-cut grooves are finer, more detailed, and less prone to corrosion while producing maximum spin in the field.

Choose Chrome Finish

There are many types of wedges available with various finishes. However, the one that lasts for long is chrome. It is more resistant to corrosion and maintains its integrity and shine even after several games. Other than that, the runner-up finish would be the nickel one as it provides the same wedge quality and durability as the chrome finish.


What type of golf wedge is good for long shots?

For longer shots, it’s good to have a pitching wedge in your hand as it can make a stroke as long as 120 yards or more.

What is a sole grind in a wedge?

Sole grinding is the shaping of the wedge case according to the golfer’s shape preference.

Are vintage grooves in a wedge club better than laser ones?

Even though it depends on your preference, the vintage grooves are more adaptable to the player’s style of striking with time, whereas laser-cut ones don’t.

Final Words

Now closing our post, it’s time to get the best wedge for mid handicappers to master some strokes to improve the rank. 

For the best wedges for mid handicappers, we have chosen two brands. The first brand is the Wilson Staff. They make one of the best wedges for mid handicappers as they provide a perfect balance between bounce and spin.

The second brand we chose is Mizuno. We like their wedges because of their advanced teardrop design with the latest technologies to remove extra moisture and improve the ball’s spin in humid conditions.

We hope this list has been helpful in helping you get a better idea of the best wedges for mid handicappers. Good luck!

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