Get Better Control on the Club with the Best Graphite Shafts for Irons

best graphite shafts for irons

Many clubs are composed of iron or stainless steel. So, without a doubt, the majority of them get heavy and difficult to swing. Thus, for lighter handling, here we are with some best graphite shafts for iron, so your club feels lightweight and more in control. 

Reviews of the Best Graphite Shafts for Irons

1. Pro Taylor Fit Nano Graphite Golf Iron Shafts

The Pro Taylor Fit Nano Graphite golf iron shaft is composed of nano-quality graphite, making this shaft lightweight and easy to carry. Even though it is lightweight, it feels sturdy to touch and has a form feel. Because of that, it creates a good connection with the club and improves your contact with the ball.

Heavy shafts are very tough to handle. That’s why graphite shafts are a great alternative to them. Speaking of weight, they weigh no more than sixty-five grams each, so they have an easier carrying and handling capacity. This minimal weight promotes more attention to the clubhead and its further improvement in strength.

Taylor made graphite shafts are not losing at all when it comes to looks. The great color scheme of red and black with white writing gives it a classic, yet fierce, look. They are available in various flexes, all of which give a superior performance. It gives an equal or slightly better travel distance than stainless steel when connected with iron.

The shots played with this shaft are straight and very accurate. However, there is no extra attention given to it for the grip.


  • Lightweight
  • Accuracy on point
  • Better swinging
  • Variety of flex


  • Lack of a good grip

Taylor-made graphite shaft doesn’t only ace the looks but also gets full marks in performance. Despite the lack of a good grip detailing, it still works pretty well. 

2. Integra Superlite Graphite Iron Shaft

Many companies claimed to be number one in something. In this case, it’s an integral graphite shaft for iron which claims to be the lightest shaft for iron at a given length. It’s a proud product of Japan with a beautiful exterior and lightweight.

Taking a closer look at its claim, it is said to be the lightest shaft of its length. In its measurements, the shaft weighs no more than fifty grams at its length. It’s a regular golf club flex also available in different flexes, all of which weigh the same as one.

Forged in Japan, the Integra Superlite graphite iron shaft is composed of rayon graphite, one of the most premium graphite materials available in the market. Among that, its forging in Japan makes its finish smoother, finer, and more rigid with firm support and feel.

It comes in a solid, shiny black color with a blue inscription and golden design. It makes it look stylish yet decadent. But one thing that can be bothersome is that it doesn’t fit all the irons.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Firm grip
  • Smooth finish
  • It comes in a variety of flex


  • It doesn’t fit all irons

Forged with premium graphite, integral supervision as its name suggests, is easy and simpler to handle, giving you full control over the swing and excellent performance.

3. Tour Made Red Nano Graphite Iron Shaft

What is the purpose of the lighter shaft when it’s not stable? It’s nothing. So before buying a graphite shaft for iron, it’s vital to make sure that it’s stable enough to pull some amazing sound and shots easily. That’s the place where the Tour Made Red Nano graphite shafts shines.

To give more stability and accuracy to the shaft, it is built with uniaxial composite shaft stability. The integrity of the shaft whole remains being commented to the iron club firmly. Also, the simple installation makes it user-friendly for all levels of players.

Having a closer look at its geometry, it is designed in a twisted pattern for a better swing. However, there are not a lot of twists to prevent over swinging. Also, the stabilization keeps the angle and alignment of the shot intact.

Looks-wise, it comes in the gradient look of red hot color and black which gives a fierce look with white and gold inscription. Overall, it weighs sixty-five grams which is pretty lightweight and easy to handle. Other than that, its length is somewhere around forty inches which is pretty good for every height.


  • Lightweight
  • Better swinging
  • Stabilized shots
  • Affordable


  • Precut absent

If you want a fierce yet lightweight graphite shaft for irons, then we have given you an amazing yet stylish piece to get your hands on.

4. Accuflex Vizion Ultralite Graphite Shaft

As much problem with the heavy shafts, it requires the precise weight distribution calculation for an accurate shot. To solve this problem, Accuflex Vizion is made with nano weaving technology that distributes the weight equally through the shaft and creates a perfect balance between the club weight and the light shaft.

Weighting only sixty grams, it gives you more power over the clubhead than regular ones. Once for all, it provides you with more aligned shots that don’t skip or skid. Moreover, it improves the trajectory of shots covering more distances at a good height.

This forty-one inch shaft is way less light than ordinary shafts made with nano graphite. Even though it weighs less, it feels sturdy in hand and gives desired strength and control to the player while preventing over-twisting.

So if you’re looking for an iron shaft that covers maximum distance with a good trajectory without including over spinning or twisting, then the best choice for you would be Accuflex because it serves better than it looks.


  • Solid performance
  • Have maximum strength
  • Covers good distance
  • Attractive in looks


  • Color might get dull with time

Accuflex is a light shaft and promotes powerful strokes with done and straight alignment that give better strokes than a standard shaft.

5. MCS 75 Blue Crush Nano Graphite Shaft

Just like its advanced yet unique color, MCS75 comes in a unique filament winding structure that improves the shaft’s holding and performance way more than any ordinary shaft. Overall it gives a good stroke launch along with a low trajectory.

First of all, let’s talk about its structure. The unique graphite shaft is built with filament winding technology. Reinforcing fires are constantly reproduced with high-quality resin, wound around a mandrel that constantly rotates, giving it a form yet lightweight finish.

The stiff tip nature of this shaft promotes accuracy aids in better control on the clubhead while stabilizing the stroke. The stiff tip helps to cover more distance while having known heights. Along with that, the shaft also has an elevated flexing point, making it stronger than usual.

Due to its filament winding technology, the stroke height might be high initially, but it quickly flattens out with time. Some people can use this stroke pattern to their advantage. It can bother many people as well.

What We Like

  • Filament winding structure
  • Stiff tip
  • High launch and low spin
  • Dense carbon fiber

What We Don’t Like

  • Flattened trajectory

With a unique build through to lament winding, this shaft works great in the times when golfers need a high launch angle with minimal spin. 

Complete Buying Guide to the Best Graphite Shafts for Iron

Even though there are many shafts, including stainless steel graphite and multi-material or titanium shops, we are talking about graphite shafts. So when buying one, here are the following things to keep in mind:

Shaft flex

As its name suggests, a shaft flex means the bending ability of a shaft once it strikes. It is one of the most crucial features to look for in a graphite shaft as it affects the distance as well as the direction of stroke pretty much.

So there are seven types of shaft flex:

  • Extra stiff
  • Stiff
  • Firm
  • Regular
  • Senior
  • Amateur
  • Ladies

Each of them has variable stiffness. The first one being the most rigid and stiff while another is more flexible. Each of the strengths of stiffness directly correlates with the distance and power of the stroke.

For example, the extra stiff shaft will cover a distance greater than 250 yards with 110 miles per hour speed. The distance and speed slowly decrease with the increased flexibility of the shaft. You’ll need more power to give a better shot.

So, if you want to cover a distance of two hundred yards with an average speed like seventy-five miles per hour, then you should get a shaft with regular flex. If you want more speed and distance, then it’s time to choose a stiff or extra stiff one. If you have lesser requirement than the regular flex, then go for senior or ladies flex stiffness. 

Kick point

We talked about shaft flex. Now it’s time to shed light on the flex point. Basically, the flex point refers to the point or angle where the slightest part of the shaft bends. Even though it is minor and only sometimes seen, it plays a great role in deciding the stroke trajectory.

For instance, a high kick point in the shaft gives a more solid feel and offers low trajectory strokes while aiming. However, it’s the total opposite for the shafts that have low flex points. They feel bendier, and you might feel more need for power, even though they give a higher trajectory on strike.

Knowing the kick point is vital as it is directly related to the feel of the shaft with the clubhead. Some people enjoy firm shots with high kick points, while others have the opposite opinion.

Shaft Twisting

Also known as shaft torque, it refers to the degree of twisting a shaft when swung. It helps determine the feel of the shaft to the player and helps set up the trajectory. Shaft torque also aids in making better shots, so it must be considered before buying any graphite shafts.

As it is measured in degrees, a three-degree shaft is stiffer in feel while giving an average trajectory once used. On the other hand, a five-degree shaft is more proven to twist and feels more flexible, giving a higher take trajectory.

Weight of the Shaft

The main purpose of getting the graphite shaft is to reduce the club’s overall weight, so the purpose of the graphite shaft would become useless if you selected a heavy one. So a good graphite shaft should weigh between fifty to seventy grams only. The heavier the shaft, the more power you’ll need to swing it.

Advantage of Lighter Shafts

The prime benefit of a lighter shaft is to give more control over the clubhead. When the clubhead rather than the shaft contributes to the majority of the weight, a golfer can easily calculate the speed, intensity, and power along with the distance of a stroke resulting in better long shots.

As heavier shafts improve accuracy, the lighter shafts play a better role in swinging and covering most of the distance at high speed. There are many claims that lighter shafts result in faster swings, but it can be proven false in most cases. It all depends on the surrounding environment as the situations of the game.


Any slight flaws in the length of the club can make or break your game, so it is of crucial importance that your shaft perfectly complements your height. So after having the perfect shaft length, you can have success at the game.

Shafts come at different length range starting from twenty-nine inches and ending at more than forty-one inches.

How to measure a shaft length for you?

Following are the steps to take to measure the length of your perfect shaft.

  1. Stand straight, hands-on side
  2. Ask someone to measure the length between your wrist and the heel of the iron club.
  3. It is the perfect length that you need for your shaft.


Do light shafts give better swing?

Yes, they do because they give more control to the player. Their lightweight nature produces adequate swing in the stroke.

Do professionals use graphite shafts?

Absolutely! Graphite shafts have been used on many professional tours like US open, PGA tours, and FedEx Cup.

Which type of flex shaft is better for me?

As a beginner, it’s better to use a regular flex shaft to develop your swing power. However, if you have a good swinging capacity, go for stiff or extra stuff, one for power and longer strokes.

Final words

A good shaft plays a vital role in giving the golfer a perfect stroke. And for converging longer distances and improving the ball’s swinging, it’s better to have light shafts in use. That’s why we reviewed the best graphite shafts for iron as they generate beautiful torque wild being super light. 

If you were wondering what our favorite brands are, our top picks would have to be Tour Made and Integra.

Hopefully, you have found your perfect pick from our list!

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