Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best women's golf clubs for beginners

Over the years, people have shown incredible interest in women’s golf. There are many women golfers now and this has led to substantial growth in the production and sales of golf clubs for women. 

Women have many more options for beginner golf club sets than men golfers, but buying clubs for women as an amateur golfers can still be an overwhelming task. You may be a little scared because you wouldn’t want to buy a low-quality golf club as there are several choices out there in the market.

There have been a variety of improvements in golf over the years making it confusing to purchase golf clubs even for an experienced golfer. 

In this article, we have given our reccomendations on the best women’s golf clubs for beginners you can purchase as well as all you need to consider in choosing an exceptional quality of ladies’ clubs sets.

Our Review of the Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners

1. STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets

Callaway STRATA women’s golf club set is one of the handicapped golfers’ favorite high-quality sets. It is an option for women that will assist you as a beginner golfer and get you hooked on the game. 

This golf club will last you until you become a mid or low handicapped golfer and have to add a more suitable golf club set as you go on your golfing journey. 


  • 11-piece set
  • Made with aluminum
  • Specifically made for right-hand users
  • Driver
  • 5 wood and 5 hybrid
  • 6-9 irons
  • Sand wedge and pitching wedge
  • Putter, stand bag, and headcovers

The woods are made up of the driver, 5 hybrids, and 5 fairway woods, and each come with a head over. These are particularly formulated to provide women players an incredible blend of forgiveness, distance, and control. 

The mallet-style putter offers great precision. In addition to the woods, the irons and the sand wedge also give you control and forgiveness.

The golf bag is segmented in such a way you can arrange your clubs, has a rain hood, a stand for resting, and a strap with which you can move your clubs around.


  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate golfers
  • The golf bag comes with a stand
  • Has a high launch technology
  • The easy contact the hybrids provide
  • Contains awesome short game tools


  • Not an appropriate choice for faster swing speed golfers
  • No left-hand option

2. WILSON Women’s Complete Golf Club Package Sets

Wilson women’s golf club is a complete golf set for women designed with great game advancement technology to enhance the experience of new female golfers. All the equipment it contains perfectly fits the distinctive physical characteristics of female beginner golfers. 

It is a good golf club set that you need for your golf lessons as a starter. It has a lightweight design that offers you great control and accuracy.


  • Comes as a petite cart.
  • Composite material.
  • Quality lightweight graphite shafts.
  • Sand wedge
  • Hybrid
  • Driver
  • Cart bag
  • Headcovers

The sand wedge can easily be swung. It has a low weighting and wide sole for improved shot-making and satisfactory greenside control. 

The graphite shaft irons help to launch the ball easily due to their very low center of gravity and with its swing speed, there is great ball flight for remarkable distance. Improved accuracy is also provided with the help of extreme perimeter weighting even if on off-center hits.

The cart bag is durable and lightweight with adequate fleece-lined storage pockets. It has a double padded shoulder strap for comfortable carriage and a rugged handle for convenient lifting.


  • Good for great ball flight distance
  • Very easy to use
  • Comfortable shoulder strap lessens stress and allows it to be easily conveyed
  • Offers superior accuracy, feedback, and feel


  • Bag does not come with a stand
  • A bit expensive

3. Precise NX460 Ladies’ Complete Golf Clubs Set

If you are an amateur female golfer, a Precise ladies’ golf set can be used for golf lessons and driving range. The club set is light, and you won’t have any difficulty holding them and walking a distance with them.

This set will exceed all your expectations in many ways, namely its nice stand bag and enough pockets which seem solid. Its complete set allows for thorough practicing and improved golfing ability in a short time.


  • For petite sizes 5’3″ and below.
  • Made of graphite material
  • Driver, fairway wood, 6/7, 8/9 hybrids, and sand wedge irons
  • Putter and stand bag
  • Graphite shaft
  • Headcovers

The graphite shaft is ultra-light and is available for every club in this set. The putter offers great stability and feel.

The golf bag has a dual-backpack strap, and you can carry it just like a backpack. The headcovers prevent the club’s head from damage. 


  • Lightweight set for lady golfers
  • Sturdy enough for practice
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with an awesome stand bag with many pockets


  • Not suitable for shorter lady golfers

4. Cobra Golf 2021 Women’s Fly XL Complete Set

Cobra golf 2021 women’s complete set can be utilized by a beginner golfer or an experienced golfer who has been in the game for some time. 

This golf set offers many options of clubs including fairway wood, hybrids for escaping tricky spots, and a complete set of irons.  It has quality golf clubs that offer great distance and forgiveness, and all the woods are weighted to enable extra launch regardless of your golf playing skill. 


  • Regular size.
  • Alloy steel material
  • Titanium driver
  • Fairway 3,5 and 7
  • Hybrid-5
  • 6-PW and SW Irons

The driver’s heel-biased weighting and oversized shape enhance long and straight drives. The fairway woods are essential for long-distance and accuracy.

The irons offer easy launching, and the hybrid makes perfect gaps between the fairways giving room for longer approach shots into the greens.


  • The club heads are oversized
  • Features forgiving irons
  • It is great beginner golf set for greater distances


  • The petite size is not available

5. Robin Golf The Essentials Women’s Set

Robin golf women’s set is a chic club because they are matte black unlike the usual pink used for ladies golf clubs. The clubs are very easy to swing and make contact with.

If you use this club, you will be blown away by the difference in your game. It is everything you need. They swing better, straighter, and farther. It gets you competitive in little to no time. It balances usability and performance. 

This club is designed with top-notch touches, simple and beautiful, and it is the club set you can not afford not to own.


  • Contains clubs including a driver, fairway wood, sand wedge, irons, putter, and hybrid
  • Great design
  • Grip
  • Made of stainless steel and titanium 
  • Golf bag and headcovers

The golf bag is lightweight, thin, and durable for easy carrying. The headcovers offer protection to the clubhead to keep it from damage.

The soft grip enables you to play comfortably. The sweet spot provides cleaner and straighter hits for you. 


  • It is a cool sight to behold and the feeling is great
  • The uniqueness of the color and the cooler pocket
  • It offers accurate and straighter shots
  • Not only does it look beautiful but also improves your golfing skill altogether
  • Easy to use


  • The price might be discouraging for some beginner players

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Your Golf Club Sets

If you are still not sold on a specific brand, here are some individual factors that can helo you get golf clubs for your skill level.


This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when you want to buy a new set of golf clubs. Contemplate your spending plan. The amount it takes to buy amateur golf club sets is a genuinely huge investment.

Make sure you buy a quality golf club that is worth the pay in terms of performance and durability. All the products recommended in this article have fair prices for their functions. Your choice will depend on your budget.

Club Set Makeup

The set makeup tells about the clubs that are contained in the set. Every set of beginner women’s golfers comes with varieties of club set makeup. Make sure you choose the set that contains what you need to help you move from the amateur golfer stage to a senior or a professional golfer.

It is possible to add clubs to the set in the future but they most likely won’t fit as expected into the set. This is why it is essential to look for a set that has a fairway wood, a driver, a hybrid, a putter, and a wedge as these are the basic features you will need.

Golf Bags

Consider whether you will be walking the course, playing cart golf, or both. A cart bag or a stand bag comes with the women’s golf club sets meant for beginners. 

A cart bag is particularly designed for use on a golf cart while a stand bag is an appropriate choice if you like to walk the golf course, and it can also function on a golf cart. 

Golf Sets Customized Option

You need to determine if the club set you need is petite, tall, or standard/regular size. Find out if the set is left-handed or right-handed. Be sure to confirm if the option available is most suitable for you before going for it. 

Shaft Material 

Virtually every women’s golf club available in the market is designed with a lightweight shaft that offers greater distance, easier golf swing, and better contact. If you require a stronger graphite shaft or a steel shaft for a stronger swing, you may want to consider senior golfers club sets or men’s clubs.

Brand Choice

Buy golf club sets with brands renowned for great quality and durability. The products suggested in this article are Amazon’s best women’s golf clubs for beginners and the brands specialize in making high-quality golf clubs for new female golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

For How Long Do I Get To Keep My Beginner’s Golf Club Set?

As long as you have purchased a quality and suitable set, how long you keep it is dependent on when you intend to upgrade. Once you become an experienced golfer and you play more often, then you may need to add clubs of better performance.

Which Is A Better Choice; Individual Clubs Or Complete Beginner’s Set?

Nothing is more important than buying a complete starter set as this will enhance consistency in feel and also provide extra lofts between clubs. You have all you need in a complete set for easy usability and top performance. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing your first club set as a beginner female golfer is understandably a choice that may leave you confused. This buyer’s guide has presented to you the top-quality products on the market and the things you should consider to make the appropriate selection.

It is solely dependent on your needs, whether the set you need to get should have a cart bag or a stand bag, a petite or a standard size club, left-handed or right-handed option, strong steel or lightweight graphite shaft. You just need to be sure of what suits you best.

If you ask us, our favorite brands are Cobra Golf and Callaway. 

And having gone through this article, hopefully, it has become way less difficult to choose the best women’s golf clubs for beginners without any doubt.

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